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It’s Good To Talk… A Co-Parenting Success Story

By 1st January 2022 No Comments

Why communication is so important

Most of the disputes we deal with at Crowther Mediation arise out of poor communication, especially between parents. Yet good communication is key to successful co-parenting.  Unfortunately, many separated parents find themselves in a court process where legal representatives do the talking for them!

However, even the strictest of court orders will require parents to communicate on occasion and an inability to do so will inevitably lead to a court order breaking down and frustrated parents being back at square one.

How we’ve helped in Co-Parenting disputes

At Crowther Mediation we don’t just help to resolve the dispute, we give parents the ability to lay past grievances aside and communicate effectively in the future. We believe in keeping disputes out of court – for good!

Example Case Study

When Mr B first instructed us, he hadn’t seen his daughters for nearly four months, following a heated argument with their mother. This led to all forms of communication being blocked. In sheer frustration, Mr B resorted to extreme lengths, contacting family members and waiting at the school gates.

In mediation Mrs B acknowledged the children wanted to see their Dad, but she had been putting off opening lines of communication because of how angry Mr B had become.  During mediation Mrs B was able to see how her initial reaction to Mr B’s behaviour made the situation worse, for herself and Mr B. They each acknowledged the stress they had been through in recent months and each apologised for their own part in that.

Having addressed the root cause of the problem, they were then able to agree a regular routine for the children to see Mr B and put some basic ground rules in place to future proof the plan moving forward. At Crowther Mediation, we see this as a successful resolution.


If you are in a similar situation and want to learn how Crowther Mediation can help, please visit our Family Mediation page for more information or contact us now for an initial, confidential discussion with a member of our team.