Where disputes end
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Crowther Mediation are specialists in civil, family and workplace mediation.

Why Mediate?

Mediation is a process which allows those in dispute to engage with one another to find a solution, without the need for court intervention. Mediation provides a far more cost- effective means of resolving disputes over a significantly shorter period of time than court proceedings, allowing families to move on with new beginnings and businesses to return to business.

You can find more information relating to timescales and costs on our services page.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a voluntary process which allows separating or divorced couples to sit together around a table and have a discussion – not an argument – in a safe, controlled, professional environment.

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Workplace Mediation

Workplace disputes can be very costly and time consuming for management. They can also have a negative effect on employee relations and on the wider organisation. Typical workplace disputes might include….

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Civil Mediation

Civil disputes come in a range of forms and can feel both stressful and daunting for those involved. Our mediators help clients start conversations and negotiate their way through to settlement….

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Legally Guided Mediation

This advanced mediation model provides an invaluable opportunity for clients to be supported through the process by their legal representatives. Legally guided mediation retains all existing fundamental….

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Child Inclusive Mediation

In July 2014 the Right Honourable Simon Hughes MP and Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties stated: “It cannot be right that any parents can mediate an agreement affecting their child or children…..

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Conflict Management Training

Crowther Mediation provides bespoke conflict management training packages to businesses and organisations. An unmanaged conflict can very quickly escalate out of control, often resulting in loss of business or….

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Starting Conversations

Crowther Mediation is committed to getting the right results for our clients. We use our knowledge and empathy coupled with a robust and resilient approach to help families and individuals find resolution.

We have experience in dealing with a range of complex civil, family and workplace mediation cases and are proud of our track record in helping clients to identify the right solutions that help them move forward.