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Crowther Mediation is an independent mediation practice providing Family, Civil and Workplace mediation.

At Crowther we establish professional partnerships with legal firms and solicitors to provide tailored packages of legal advice and support to assist with the mediation process for your clients. We firmly believe mediation is not a substitute for legal advice and by working together we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Solicitor Referral Form

Does your client need a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) certificate?

Crowther Mediation are specialists in civil, family and workplace mediation, providing an expert professional and supportive approach to our clients since 2014

Making a referral tends to be a quick and easy process. Within 48 hours of referral we can conduct an online MIAM with your client (subject to client availability) and release the required court application form, where necessary.

All our mediators hold the FMCA qualification, demonstrating we are qualified to the highest standard, including being able to sign court forms.

Our on-line service is tailored to suit the needs of our clients and we are proud of the reputation we have developed over the years. Our expertise and experience in this field is recognised both nationally and internationally.

What is the next step?

Our online form is simple to complete. Once done, we will contact your client to arrange a MIAM. Typically, we can arrange an appointment within 48 hours of referral and we can offer out-of-hours appointments too. 

We will conduct the online MIAM with your client via online video call or telephone call. This typically takes one hour and is an individual,  confidential meeting. We will give your client information about the process, assess their suitability and determine their desire to proceed.  Mediation is confidential and there is no obligation for them to continue, if they are not willing.

Once we have met with your client in their MIAM we can progress to signing the required forms the same day. These court forms are valid for four months from the date of the MIAM.

Solicitor Referral Form

How do I support my client in mediation?

We can arrange for matters to be discussed calmly, separately or jointly depending on your client’s preference.

We will:

Ensure you are notified that mediation has started.

Encourage your client to refer back to you for legal advice as required alongside the mediation process.

Send you a CW5 form if your client has been Legally Aided to enable you to claim for legal advice given during the process under the “Help with Mediation” scheme.

During the mediation we will:

Reassure your client that we do not share any further information with their solicitors until the process is complete, unless we have their permission to provide you with the record of session.

Remind clients to update you directly with regards to any documents and discussions.

The rules of mediation require us to be completely impartial. Therefore, we cannot engage in any communication with you about your client or the mediation process.

The end of the mediation process

At the end of the process we will inform you whether the client(s) have reached full or partial agreement or not at all.

Following a Child Only mediation, we can produce on a confidential, ‘without prejudice’ basis, a summary of any mutually acceptable proposals reached by the clients, often referred to as a Parenting Plan.

At the conclusion of Property and Finance mediation we produce 2 documents.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Summary of Proposals  providing a summary of the mutually acceptable proposals made by the clients. The document is confidential and without prejudice. It is signed by the mediator.

Where financial disclosure has taken place we will provide an Open Financial Statement (OFS) which summarises the financial disclosure agreed by the clients – an open document signed by the parties.

We recommend that clients share these documents with their legal advisors to enable them to advise on the next steps including the making of legally binding financial orders.

Solicitor Referral Form