About Us

Crowther Mediation is an independent mediation practice providing Family, Civil and Workplace mediation.

Our team also offer mediation training and supervision to mediators and HR departments across the UK and international markets. Our on-line service is tailored to suit the needs of our clients and we are proud of the reputation we have developed over the years.

Registered with the Family Mediation Council and the Civil Mediation Council, our award winning team are also proud to be approved by the EU to provide services globally.

Nicola Crowther

After a successful career practicing Civil, Commercial and Family Law in the North East for over twelve years, Nicola retrained as a Mediator in 2010. Nicola is an accredited member of the Family Mediation Association and the Civil Mediation Council. She is also a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) responsible for the training and supervision of other mediators. Nicola is an elected board member of the Family Mediation Association.

Areas of expertise:
Nicola deals with Civil and Commercial Mediations, often on an international basis, dealing more specifically with contractual disputes in a broad spectrum, from individuals to Plcs.

Family Mediation, including financial and children issues. Nicola, specialises in assisting high net worth clients to negotiate financial settlements and is qualified to consult directly with children during the mediation process.

Mediation Style:
Nicola has strong negotiating skills with an engaging and collaborative style.  She is quick to grasp the issues and engage the parties in looking for solutions.  Whilst showing a degree of empathy and understanding for the often difficult situations she is faced with, she takes a practical approach to moving parties towards resolution.

Judith Young

Judith Young head shotJudith is a member of the Family Mediation Council and the Family Mediation Association. Judith specialised in family law for over 20 years before training as a family mediator. Judith is passionate about mediation as a form of dispute resolution and as such she joined Crowther Mediation in 2021 to concentrate on her career in this field. Judith brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, proving beneficial to clients and colleagues alike.

Areas of Expertise

Judith specialises in all areas of family mediation, including financial issues and arrangements for children. Judith has a particular interest in complex private law children matters (i.e. child arrangements) and parental alienation.  She works well with vulnerable clients with complex needs.
Judith has a great deal of experience in resolving financial issues and assisting clients with the division of matrimonial assets. In particular, Judith has a successful track record in dealing with high net worth cases and business assets.

Mediation Style

Judith has been described by clients as pragmatic and approachable. Her many years of experience have allowed her to develop options and help clients find solutions. She understands how being independent, impartial and providing a confidential, safe space for discussions can release possibilities, choices and ways forward for people, previously stuck. Seeing this happen makes Judith passionate about her role as a mediator and all the more determined to help her clients find a resolution.

John Healy

John Healy head shotAfter a successful career, spanning two decades, in lettings and property management, John sold his company and retrained as a Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediator.  He joined Crowther Mediation in 2023 and has become a valued member of the team. John is a member of the Civil Mediation Council UK and the DIFC Mediation Hub MENA.

Area of Expertise

John specialises in Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediations on an international basis, in the UK and UAE.

John’s experiences in business and obvious abilities as a mediator allow him to achieve successful outcomes for clients in contractual disputes, land and property disputes and agricultural disputes.

Having managed his own successful company for a number of years, John also shows great insight in Workplace Mediations. He is quick to identify the issues and move the parties into  practical, problem solving.

Mediation Style

John’s background and wealth of experience are evidenced in his mediation style.  He approaches his cases with equal measures of pragmatism and empathy. John’s ability to help clients to identify their own solutions, has earned him a reputation for salvaging business relationships and as well as employer/employee relationships. This can only happen, when both parties are satisfied with the outcome – the benchmark of excellence for any mediator.

Lubna Khan

Lubna Khan | Crowther MediationLubna practiced as a solicitor, in London dealing with commercial and property matters, since 2003. She subsequently made the move into mediation, becoming an accredited member of the civil mediation council and has since been involved in advising commercial parties as well as conducting mediation in Dubai and the UK. She has now broadened her reach, training as a family mediator helping individuals navigate their way through  various family issues in Dubai, UK and internationally. 

Based in Dubai, she is also a university lecturer in law and is heavily involved with training professionals internationally on contractual and company law issues and disputes, mediation and negotiation.

Areas of expertise:

Lubna deals with Civil and Commercial Mediations, often on an international basis, dealing more specifically with contractual disputes in a broad spectrum, from individuals to Plcs.

Family Mediation, including financial and children issues. Lubna, specialises in assisting high net worth clients to negotiate financial settlements.

Mediation Style:

For Lubna the mediation process should be as straightforward as it can be. She has an amicable and easy going approach with parties whilst helping them explore their windows of opportunity. Her hope and expectation is always that it is possible to reach a solution acceptable to all.

Claire Dungait

Claire Dungait | Crowther MediationClaire joined Crowther Mediation as Practice Manager following a career in Personal Finance and Client Relations for 15 years.

Claire is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the business, as well as arranging appointments and speaking with clients directly. As such she is often the first point of contact for clients and is able to answer questions regarding the mediation process. Claire is also the person who will address any queries between mediation meetings.

Claire has a positive, friendly and approachable manner which immediately puts clients at ease. Her unwavering ‘can do’ attitude lends itself perfectly to accommodating the needs of our clients and arranging appointments to suit all parties.

Laura Leonard

Laura Leonard heat shotLaura is a valued member of our support staff.  Laura is responsible for liaising directly with clients to arrange mediation sessions and as such she is often the fist point of contact for clients. Laura is very knowledgeable about the mediation process and is able to answer questions, putting clients at ease. 

Laura also does a lot of work ‘behind the scenes’ ensuring the mediation process runs as smoothly as possible for client and mediator alike!