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What is Divorce Coaching?

By 28th February 2024 No Comments

Nicola Crowther of Crowther Mediation explains the value of Divorce Coaching and why using a Divorce Coach could save time and costs.

Why use a Divorce Coach?

They say it takes a village to get divorced. A client will need a solicitor, financial advisor, valuer, a pensions expert, therapist, friends, family etc.

I’m a firm believer in asking for help when it’s needed. This is no time for playing the hero or putting on a stiff upper lip. Going through a divorce or separation is emotionally and financially draining.

Accessing Divorce Coaching at the right time can help to keep costs to minimum, navigate the process quickly and reduce stress.

What does a Divorce Coach do?

We work alongside divorce coaches who provide their clients with a wealth of experience and knowledge at a time when they need it the most.  A skilled divorce coach will help their client to complete full and frank financial disclosure and gather the necessary supporting evidence.  This is an onerous task to attempt alone without support.  Many clients will naturally turn to their solicitor for support with financial disclosure, but this can prove costly. The solicitor is there to provide expert advice, they will charge the same hourly rate to write letters to your bank asking for statements or chasing down valuations with estate agents.  A divorce coach will charge a lot less for this service and will likely have the time set aside to do it.

An experienced divorce coach will help you to know what you need to do and when you need to do it, i.e. obtaining pension information or arranging meetings with financial planners and mortgage brokers.  The divorce coach will be able to put you in touch with trusted experts in the field, whom they have worked with before. He or she may be able to negotiate better rates and better service, if it’s an expert they sue regularly for clients.

Unlike the other experts you might come across in the process, a divorce coach is there to provide support when you need it most.  They will provide a listening ear on the tough days and will channel your proactive energy on the better days.

How Divorce Coaching has helped

We work with lots of solicitors who value the input of a divorce coach. One such solicitor told me:

‘It’s difficult when the client keeps ringing me all the time for emotional support. I am trying to work on their case and simply don’t have the time to talk to them. But more than that, I feel guilty about charging them the hourly rate for my time when I actually haven’t given them any advice – I’ve just listened. Honestly, it’s such a relief when I hear my clients have hired a divorce coach’.

Another Solicitor said:

‘ It’s great when my clients have a divorce coach. I know they’re going to actually do all the things I need them to do. There is nothing worse than asking a client to obtain some borrowing advice and then having several wasted appointments over several months, where they just haven’t done it because they are too exhausted to arrange it. I have to charge for those appointments and I feel awful. I actually know a coach who will arrange appointments for her clients and then collect them form their house and actually take them to the appointment! Brilliant! Some people just really need this service.’

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