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Five Benefits of the Civil Mediation Process

By 20th September 2018 No Comments

1. It’s Fast!

Being involved in a dispute of any kind is a stressful time for everyone involved. For any number of reasons, the key is to find resolution as quickly as possible and move forward.

The longer a dispute goes unresolved, the worse it will become, making it even harder to negotiate a settlement. With each passing day, more damage is caused moving the parties further away from settlement.

From the moment a referral is made Crowther Mediation will act quickly to arrange a mediation session involving all parties within two weeks (depending on parties’ availability).

The mediation takes place over the course of one day, starting promptly at 9.30am and working into the evening, if necessary, to achieve a workable solution for al parties.


2. Cost Effective

The rising costs of litigation can add more stress to an already stressful situation for those in dispute. Sometimes the costs of litigation can far out way the value of the claim! Such escalating costs can devastate a business or ruin an individual. Increased costs will only serve to add more pressure to an already difficult situation.

At Crowther Mediation, matters can be resolved for less than £1,000 per party. When measured against litigation costs running in to tens of thousands, this seems too tempting not to try.


3. Best hope of salvaging a relationship

Nobody ever really wants to fall out or find themselves in a dispute. As experienced civil mediators, Crowther Mediation regularly hear clients saying they would like to salvage a working relationship, a friendship or a family relationship. Sometimes this ability to continue doing business together or building bridges with an opponent is more important than the value of the dispute.

At Crowther Mediation we settle disputes quickly without incurring a great deal of costs. This provides the perfect platform for maintaining good relationships and moving forward.


4. Decisions are Legally Binding

It is an essential component of any successful mediation that the individuals present must be capable of making decisions on behalf of the litigants e.g. Company Director or CEO. It takes a great deal of effort to get all parties and their lawyers in the same place at the same time. It is therefore, vital that the time is used wisely and the decisions made are binding. The ‘decision makers’ are encouraged to have their lawyers present to draft legally binding agreements as well as provide legal advice throughout the process.


5. Convenient

At Crowther Mediation we take care of all the small stuff so you can concentrate on the big stuff! Our dedicated admin team will liaise with all parties to arrange a suitable date and time. We will also locate a suitable venue and provide refreshments and catering.

Having a time and venue of your choosing is often far better than the inconvenience of working to court timescales and attending courts sometimes outside of your area.

If you would like to learn more about how Civil Mediation could work for you, contact one of our specialist mediators today.